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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Daffodils Cont.

They just keep coming...luckily!

Cum Laude:

Mine are not quite as pretty as the ones at Lewis Ginter...the stems were rather short this year...let's hope next year that corrects....they certainly produced a lot of flowers, though.

Cum Laude:

Edna Earl:

This is the real Burning Heart:

The other one I posted before (below as a group) while lovely is not Burning Heart...even though it came from the same supplier...a year later...Burning Heart, as above, opens yellow...the ones below are fun and interesting...but who knows what they are:

Roseworthy...the trumpets will turn pinkish...looks an awful lot like another called Rosy Wonder:

Thalia...good thing I like it as I have discovered that I have it in three other places...

Irene Copeland:

Her sister, Mary Copeland:

Papillon Blanc:



Queen of the North:


Loth Lorien:

Changing Colors:


Bridal Crown:

Hillstar, now you can see the white:

Pipit does that also.

This is a nice shot of Conspicuus, showing all its stages:

Here's Moonlight Serenade, this time showing how it changes colors:

Another shot of Mount Hood...just so lovely:

Some NOIDS...the first two are quite the survivors...originally sent to my mother with other bulbs, she decided to return them to me...whereupon I put them in the refrigerator...and forgot them...stumbling across them (okay, the basement refrigerator is mostly used for extra stuff), I was amazed that some of the daffodils were possibly still alive. I threw them around a silver maple in my backyard (poor things) and left them to fend for themselves. And, well, they did! It took a few years, but look here:

These are from the old days when I thought buying an assortment of unknowns was just fine:

Around a dogwood, just coming into bloom:

And, yes, before the big chill, I went around and cut from the front yard some to enjoy inside...not a show arrangement, certainly, but most pleasing to me:

Each way I turn the vase, I get a different view! Bringing them inside is fun!

Still waiting on the lates...


Annie in Austin said...

You are a total daffy-daffodilian, Gotta Garden! The photos are great, but the numbers are overwhelming. Brent & Becky's bulbs are from Virginia - what is it about Virginia that makes it daffodil heaven? Just the right soil or climate?
Thalia in three places sounds about right to me!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Molly said...

I need to make a note to find bulbs for Cum Laude and the Copeland sisters this Fall.

sisah said...

This really overwhelming. I wish I could just "throw (the bulbs) round a maple tree" and in spring it would look like in your garden..beautiful. I am afraid daffodils don´t like the soil in my garden. Of twenty bulbs I planted two are blooming this spring, similar tp the springs before.

ladyluz said...

Fabulous display. I used to like going to the annual Daffodil exhibition and competition in Penzance, Cornwall, UK for their many unusual varieties.

The hedgerows in West Penwith are full of wild daffodils, thrown there during WWII when no-one had time to continue cultivating.

Henny said...

Oh what wonderful daffodils!
Do you collect them too??I love my Narzissus poeticus most of all!

Green thumb said...

Great pictures to behold.They have left me incensed!
A bouquet of choicest daffodils I've ever seen and will probably ever come across elsewhere.

A wildlife gardener said...

Fabulous daffodils!

Anita said...

Wow, what an amazing collection of daffodils! And one is more beautiful than the other, I could not at all chose my favourti!
These Bridal Crown daffodils are blooming in my garden, too and I have several other varieties as well.

But my most favourite spring bulbs are TULIPS! During the last 2 years, I planted more than 600 bulbs in our garden! And I can't wait to see them all in bloom in May!

Have a great Easter Monday!

Warmest wishes from windy Germany


Gotta Garden said...

Hi Annie:...and it's only getting! I'm already planning what to add for next year!

I should visit B&B's...I do know their bulbs (for sale) are not grown in VA...however, I think you're on to something as they say something to that effect in their book. I buy from them...but as you'll find in my review, I have had mixed experiences.

And, Thalia, while nice...was not what I thought I planted those three times!

Always glad to see you, Annie!

Hi Molly: Cum Laude I bought from the aforementioned Brent and Becky's Bulbs. The Copelands came from Old House Gardens...which is a very good place to buy bulbs, although not cheap...and used to have the story behind the Copeland sisters' bulbs on their site...don't know if they still do.

Oh Sisah, if I were brave enough to take a picture under that tree, you'd see what I mean! Lots of roots and weeds and the daffodils just poke over...I should clean it day...

I'm thinking about your bulbs. The first year...the bulbs come with the flower in them, so really you should have flowers...I'm wondering where you're getting them? And, they're good bulbs, not soft or anything? I mean, I'm with you in later years (which I keep saying I'll get to in my daffodil review), some don't live up to the hype (some do)...but, the first year, you should have flowers! I'm so sorry. I wish we could fix this for you.

Hi Ladyluz! Thanks! I would love to go to that show! And, the hedgerows...imagine that! Those are survivors! We need them!

Hi Henny: I guess I will have to confess that I do! It didn't start out that way, but I sure do love them! I have a few varieties of Poet's Eyes types, but am always open to suggestion!

Thanks for coming by!

Hi Greenthumb! You are very sweet...but most of mine are readily available...however I do hope to start acquring some that are less available this fall (more on that later). You make me feel great...but wait until I show you what the Garden Club ladies do with them at the show I attended!

I really enjoy visiting your blog as you show me things I will probably see nowhere else! Isn't blogging great! It opens the world up to us!

Hi A Wildlife Gardender: Thanks!

Hi Anita: Thank you! I can hardly wait to see all your tulips! You have a beautiful garden and I enjoy visiting it online very much!

Thank you to each of you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate them!

Kate said...

Your daffodil bouquet is lovely. I think I would be lost in daffodil land for hours just enjoying the beautyf of so many different varieties.

It is truly overwhelming for those of us daffodil lovers ...they are all beautiful in their own ways. I think it depends on my mood as to those daffodils I am drawn to. I will test this out by returning later ... at the moment, I am partial to the Burning Heart. What a lovely colour!

Carol said...

I am in awe of your daffodil collection. Absolutely love all of them, and am inspired to buy a lot of daffodils to plant this coming fall. After all, they've done well with these cold temperatures!

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