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Monday, April 16, 2007

More, Still More....

Daffodils, of course...

Bell Song


Poeticus Ornatus

Scarlet Gem

Lintie, a most tiny daffodil with a green center or eye...I think I will need to lie down on the ground to get it...and that involves lying on various other things...(it would be nice if it would face the other direction...what happens when you have far too little space left to be picky about that!)

Virginia Sunrise...just waking up...look at that fat bud! Stems are too short...this year...hope that improves next year.

Geranium...who could not like such a cooperative one! I have nine (yes, nine!) clumps of this it is just terrific about reproducing (8 bulbs turned into 40!...and who knows how many now!)...I might find others do as well, if I dug them up...

Bath's Flame blowing in the wind...

Actaea, like an improved Poeticus...bigger and more distinct

Rushlight...another with stems too short, at least this year...

And, now some...just because

Fragrant Rose



Burning Heart


Mary Copeland

While I like seeing them up close (and I do), I also like seeing what a particular daffodil looks like in clump strength.

And, yes, there are still the lates to come...see how long you can extend your daffodil season?? I mean, it hasn't even been a month, I don't six weeks to two months seems about right. Plus, I like how they're pretty long lasting. It's not just the above out there...others that I've shown previously are still blooming away. I can't imagine Spring without daffodils!

All pictures clickable.

Yesterday, with all the rain (and today it sounds like wind), I transplanted some more of the daylily crosses. Probably boring for anyone else reading, but I like the backup this provides for me. I keep them on a spreadsheet, written in a journal and now maybe, just maybe I can keep them straight! Each cross has a number and when they bloom (for these, hopefully, next year) each plant will then get its own number (still carrying the cross number). After two years of blooming (I hope to see my first seedlings bloom this, I'm pretty new at this), I'll have to start making tough decisions about who stays and who goes...necessary but hard. I will surely need the space, for one thing!

YaYa Girls x Margo Reed Indeed (2 plants)
Meet Joe Black x Moment in the Sun (2 plants)
Serene Thoughts x Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (5 plants)
Violet Veil x Bella Sera (4 plants)
Angelwalker x Mary Wray (4 plants)
J T Davis x Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (4 plants)
Broken Silence x South Pacific (5 plants)
Linda Beck x Restores My Soul (6 plants)
(Darla Anita x J T Davis) x Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (5 plants)
Cindy Jones x Linda's Magic (5 plants)
Brer Rabbit's Baby x Lavender Curls (4 plants)
Border Heritage x Eyes Right Jones (4 plants)
Wild Irish x Mighty Fortress (5 plants)


exile61 said...

Your daffodils are beautiful. I need to get into the habit and remember names more. :-) I usually just order my "bulbs" from a Dutch catalogue and still make the beginner's mistake of not writing down the names somewhere on a plan or a sticker next to where I plant them. Thanks for visiting my blog. / Andrea

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lovely dafs GG. I have some late ones in flower too but can't remember their names allthough I do have those somewhere. Perhaps I should buy a nifty box for that too? ;-)

Like you I love daffodils, they are one of my most favorite flowers.

BTW Thanks for the heads up about the mouse and trowel thingy. I never thought that I'd be nominated let alone be a finalist so I didn't check. Annie gave me a wake up call too. :-)What would I do without you 2 lovely ladies?

Christa said...

What a wonderful collection of daffodils. I didn't know the names of the ones I have, but from the looks of one of your photos, I think I might have the one called "Cheerfulness." Perfect name for it!

Carol said...

I gotta ask again... how big is your garden??I seem to recall you mentioning it wasn't all that big, but the flowers keep on blooming!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Wow, spring has truely arrived in your garden. Beautiful.

Christian Wagner said...

My most favorite flower is the lotus flower. Its funny, ‘cause I just read some interesting info on another blog about this flower. Check out the blog at There is one kind that opens its buds at night and closes them during the day and another one that retreats below the water at night and re-surfaces during the day.

Bye, Chris.

Ki said...

Well, you have about 10,000 more varieties of daffodils than we do! All very beautiful but I do like the fragrant rose.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Andrea: It was certainly my pleasure. Please, I have many without labels and I think we all did/do that. That said, if you can just at least put the names down somewhere, I think you'll be glad later (as one who has stacks of plant labels here there and everywhere that I mean to put in a day!)

Hi YE...what are friends for! Yes, do get a box because I'm sure any box you get/find will be something special that we will all wish we had!

Hi Christa...I must get over to your blog and leave my congrats on your nomination! You do have wonderful pictures!

Lol, Carol...let's just say...much too small!

Hi Ottawa Gardener: If the temps stay above 40, I will agree with you (that spring is here)...but no guarantees until after mid May...Thanks!

Hello Christian Wagner....welcome! I'm not familiar with lotus flowers, but I am always eager to thanks for the heads up.

Hi Ki: Thanks! 10k...I wish! I'm glad you came over!

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