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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Official Start of the 2007 Outdoor Planting Season

...has begun for me! Now, before you think I'm unaware of our last frost date, I'm not. I'm also not planting anything tender. Okay? But, that doesn't mean that there aren't things I can go ahead and get in the ground.

Starting with one daylily (Licorice was ready and waiting, a most unusual event in my most crowded yard) and a nice little thyme, 'Archer's Gold (Thymus citrodorus) that joins four other assorted thymes under the saucer magnolia.

From there, I moved on to a few things I have bought to use as ground covers. If there's anything I'm interested in this year, it's ground covers! (Besides the usual plants I am gaga over...but you know what I mean.) I am flat out tired of weeding! And, I still have so much chickweed in the backyard....I've made quite a bit of headway in the front, but oh...the back! Anyway, I've noticed in a few areas where I have some ground covers (like creeping phlox, now in bloom), they fill the space instead of weeds...Eureka! Or at least mostly, and as long as other things can come up through it (like bulbs), we can have a happy partnership!

I've decided I'm into some of the tiny sedums for this purpose. I've found a few and today planted one...although, I may have to move it as some indicate it may not like full sun...hmm...anyway, it's Sedum makinoi 'Ogon', a most fascinating yellowish one.

Next, I planted two (I know, I know and I'm thinking of getting a third one) golden creeping speedwell, Veronica repens 'Sunshine'. These are part of the Stepables line and I would be happy to have them cover some area. Down from them, I put in an oregano 'Golden'. I might move that one, too...we'll see.

While I was dodging the on and off rain, the mail arrived. My snowdrops from Temple Nursery had arrived! They could not have picked a better day to arrive and I'm happy they didn't languish in the mailbox. I received two Straffan, four Nivalis Flore Pleno (doubles) and eight of the regular Nivalis. The enclosed instruction letter said to plant them right away...and so I did.

The letter also said not to attempt to grow them in pots (I didn't plan to) as only "very skilled gardeners" would have success that way. This got my attention (confession) because I had potted up some snowdrop bulbs that I found in my garage. They were, surprisingly, fine and not knowing quite what I wanted to do (the weather was pretty bad at that point), I dropped them into a pot. Four had sprouted (out of ten). I grabbed the pot and dumped them out (far be it for me to tempt fate) and proceeded to plant them around the crabapple. I discovered a few more were sprouting and one pitiful one was taking a long route to the top. Sadly, I think I damaged one in planting, but I guess that is still better than leaving them in the pot. I'm still amazed that they were viable after sitting in the garage all winter. So, any that make it will be a bonus, I suppose.

Then, I decided that it was high time to move some of the daylily seedlings out from under the lights inside and into planting boxes (and outside). Eventually, they'll find spots in the garden...probably after the iris bloom. I decided I needed one last time to see them, the iris, bloom before I move out a bunch of them.

Here are the few crosses that I've moved so far:

Mort Morss x Judy Farquhar (15 plants)
Women Seeking Men x Megatron (4 plants)
South Pacific x Michael Miller (4 plants)
Cry Me A River x Bird Talk (4 plants)
Alexa Kathryn x Tet Lavender Blue Baby (9 plants)

You do not want to know how many more I still have to about four that aren't even planted! It's time, though, to put some other things under those lights.

It's raining much too hard to take pictures as I had intended (I should have yesterday!)...I'm sure other opportunities will, off to the p.o. to mail the dreaded taxes...

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