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Thursday, April 12, 2007

For Daffodil Lovers

Here are some of the daffodils that stood out (to me). Only some because there were far too many! If you don't know a collector, you might consider joining a local club. Clubs will have sources and access to daffodils not readily available to the general public.

So here we go (names will be below the daffodils):

Pink Holly

Pink Sails

Rim Ride

Supreme Empire



Pacific Rim



Cedar Hills...this one had a tag that indicated it had been considered for Best in Show...

Random Event...maybe, I couldn't quite read the second word.


My Sweetheart

Modern Art

Planning your order, are you? Me, too! Now is the time to think about what you want and place your order. I've decided to join the Washington Daffodil Society and will look forward to acquiring and growing some more unusual daffodils.


A wildlife gardener said...

What a wonderful display of daffodils, thanks. Beautiful photographs, as always.

Kylee said...

I see at least three that I want! After the spring we've had this year and seeing how the daffodils bounced back pretty well from the assault of cold and snow, I hereby resolve to plant more of them. :-)

Gotta Garden said...

Thank you, A Wildlife Gardener!

Hi Kylee...They are tough, aren't they...or at least most of them! I've found a few that don't do well for me...but those that do well, they're pretty hard to beat!

You know, too, they just look like spring to me...I can't imagine not having some!

Now, my challenge is to see how long I can extend the season...I'm kinda interested in lates.

MrBrownThumb said...


Thanks for sharing the pics from the show. I really like Diversity and Modern Art.

btw, a while back I replied to that e-mail and said I would be more than happy to help with the header if you were interested. So whenever you find an image you like just shoot it to me in an e-mail.

Annie in Austin said...

We're pretty limited in Austin as to what will actually grow, but I sure like the looks of that Beryl.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Kylee said...

'Avalon' is a late one here for me and it's gorgeous. Probably my favorite one for its color and staying power.

My 'Tete-a-tete' ones are just the cutest little things and I love them a lot, too.

Gotta Garden said...

Hello Mr. Brown Thumb! I haven't forgotten (thank you very much for the offer!) just took me a while to decide...and now I have...and now I have to go through the pictures...but I am going to take you up! I am very appreciative! Stand by! Glad you came over!

Hey is quite something, isn't it! Who knows? Nothing ventured... (ha, enabling mode engaged)

Hi Kylee: Avalon is one I don't have...I will have to check it out! Thanks!

Christa said...

Wow! I never know there were so many varieties of daffodils! They're beautiful!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Christa: Nice to see you! That's why it was so fun to go to the show...very eye-popping!

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