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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Garden Reading: Book Review RECOVERED

I'm thinking that I'm not the only person this has happened to, but maybe by posting my experience, it won't happen to someone else!

Edit is a wonderful thing. Going back to the original of this book review, I thought I would attempt to post a picture of the book following some of the suggestions in the comments. However, I missed something in translation (no shock to anyone who knows my computer skills...or lack thereof) and kept getting errors messages from Blogger. Even after I pulled off my new additions, the post was still, somehow, in error. I was stumped. Then, I saw that little "recover post" in the upper left corner. Ah ha! I was saved, I thought. This will take me back to my post before these ill-fated attempts. Clicked on it and there was one paragraph of my post! That's it! I went to help and learned that that was typical of what was saved. Who knew??

Having made a critical mistake by not saving a copy before I attempted the edits, I was stuck. Or so I assumed until my brilliant son phoned. In the course of our conversation, he said, "Have you tried to Google it?" No, I hadn't but under his instruction I did and I discovered, wonder of wonders, that Google had cached it! I clicked on it and there it its entirety! I quickly copied it. It was necessary to clean it up a bit and that's why the comments look as they do...but they're there! I am one happy camper!

What is our lesson?? Make a copy of everything before you fool around with it!

Without further adieu, the review:

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(okay, the photo is from my bookshelf)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Garden Reading

The $64 Tomato by William Alexander

There are always those books that you pick up to read and then you migrate to something else…and you never seem to get back to that first book. Let me just tell you that The $64 Tomato is not in that category! I read this book from beginning to end! It’s a great read.

I sorta wanted to dislike the author a bit. I mean, he has such advantages. He can order $1000 worth of topsoil without blinking an eye. If he needs hardscaping done, he hires it out. His wife gave him a gardener (help) as a gift.

But, you know what, I just couldn’t! Bill is very likeable and his straightforwardness is wonderful. So what if he is advantaged (like my lingo??!). He’s just like the rest of us…an avid, passionate, caring and determined gardener! I really couldn’t find anything to dislike about him…in fact, you’ll wish he was your neighbor and you’ll adore his vignettes (doesn’t that sound literary).

His story is our story…he just tells it much better! You’ll laugh with him and okay, at him, at times (as he means for you to). You’ll also feel his sadness (but not too much, he doesn’t want your pity…only your understanding) as he learns his body will no longer allow him to physically abuse it in the garden. You see, despite all the things that he can have done, Bill enjoys doing the hard work…and he does work hard.

Let’s hope there’s a $128 tomato (or maybe a $32 one?) still in him. Come on, continue your stories, your musings and yes, your mistakes and successes with us. We know you now. And, you know what…we really like you.

The writing is superb. 5 Stars! (My highest rating! And, with no pictures!)

(Okay, I'd really like to learn how to link....any help will be greatly appreciated. For instance, I'd love to put a picture of the book here...but is that legal?....and how do I do it anyway? )


Stuart said...

Hi Gotta Garden To find a picture for this book go to Google Images and type "$64 Tomato" in the search field. Select an image that you like and click on it until it brings up the full-size image.

Then right click on the image and select "Copy Link Location" (in Firefox) or "Copy Shortcut" (in IE).

In your blog post use the following code; (replace the '[' with '<' and the ']' with '>')

[a href="post link here that you copied previously"][img src="post link here that you copied previously"][/a]

This will ensure that the site that originally held the image is linked and subsequently honoured, and you get a copy of the image on your blog.

1:10 AM

CoastalCAGardener said...

I really liked your review. This book has been further down on my reading list and now I'm putting it on "read next".

You might also like "The Curious Gardener" by Jurgen Dahl. I loved it.

I too am a MG volunteer in California. If you want any tips re: linking, contact me and I'll try my best to help.


1:57 PM

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I heard him on NPR and after listening, wondered if it might be a good read. Sounded like I shouldn't go by first impressions. Doesn't everyone have something they've taken a little too far?

Thanks for visiting Petunia's Garden too.

9:27 PM

Mary said...

How to link: when writing a post, in the Compose tab of the Create Post window, type the text you wish to become a hyperlink, and then click and drag your mouse over top of that word or phrase to highlight and select it. At the top of the Compose tab there's a little icon of a globe with a chain link on top of it. If you hover your mouse pointer over that (and it becomes a hand), it will display the tooltip "Link". Click it, and type or paste the desired website's URL in the field there, then click OK. You have now added hyperlinked text to your blog post.

As far as I know, I don't think it's illegal to post a picture of the book you're reviewing, but I'm no expert. I suppose if you put a link behind the picture to a site (, for example) where the book can be purchased, I can't imagine the author or publisher would object to that. But I can't speak for their lawyers. I do know that many people do it, but that doesn't necessarily make it right.

11:33 AM

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Kirstie said...

Yay! You recovered it!

Gotta Garden said...

I would have never thought of doing that on my own...good thing to remember for other stuff as well!

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