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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Repotting the Orchid

Based on the orchid class, I decided I needed to repot my faithful dendrobium. This is my orchid that I've had for several years and is responsible for persuading me that perhaps I just might be able to manage a few more. I have mixed feelings,,,,partly the "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" thing as the orchid has happily resided in the same pot it was purchased in....and now, I am going to mess with fate. I am going on what our erstwhile instructor said...that orchids should be repotted once a, here goes:

The dendrobium's out of pot experience:

IMG_2753 repotting my dendro 022807

Dendrobium and repotting essentials....except twist ties which are needed because nobody told the orchid it was supposed to bone is optional:

IMG_2756 repotting my dendr 2 022807

And. the final product (look carefully, the dog bones have multiplied...imagine that):

IMG_2758 finshed repotted dendro 022807

Well, at least I have proof that it did look pretty good if it doesn't like its new environs...

Here it is in bloom last October (it bloomed twice last year! Jan & Oct!):

IMG_1453  101806 small for flickr


Marc said...

Beautiful orchids! Since you know orchids, maybe you can help me figure something out. Just today, my friend brought me her orchids to look at. She was hoping I would know why her 3 year old plants are producing enormous roots on the top of the soil. It is crazy looking! I took some pictures that I hope to post on my blog soon. It is labeled "Phal. Lippeflair" and is a beautiful pink bloom.

Any idea on why it has the large above ground roots? Thanks for any help you can give me!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What lovely flowers your dendrobium had last year. Hopefully it will flower again this year.

It looks like you've done a good job with the repotting. Have you given the plant a drink afterwards and one for yourself too, against the shock? ;-)

Gotta Garden said...

You inflate my ego, marc (and I love it, of course), but I am far from knowledgeable (that's why I took the class)! I do, however, know about the roots. Perfectly normal! I'd be worried if the roots didn't come out! If they are extensive and the orchid has been in the pot for quite a while, then it might be time for repotting (more because the nutrients have been used up in the medium, especially if it is bark). At the class, he said to just stuff the roots in the pot (when you repot), but it will continue to grow them (aerial roots). It has to do with how they take up nutrients and their habitat of clinging to trees...I found this website
with some helpful information, I hope.

It sounds like your friend is having success with the orchid! Let's just say I am probably a test home for how much neglect they can really take! Houseplants are not my forte as I am easily distracted...and I sometimes (okay, often) forget they are there! Many years ago my dh (he knows better!) would tease me when I would come home with yet another houseplant and say, "Oh? Another one to torture?!" I wasn't that bad...I was like a lot of people, probably, in that I tended to put them where I thought they looked nice, rather than where they would grow and thrive...a perfect case for plastic, don't you think?! Lol!

Thanks for coming by, marc, and I hope I was a little help.

Gotta Garden said...

yolanda elizabet, you crack me up! How did you know??! Well, actually, I had to drive to Richmond, so it was not a possibility...but a most worthy suggestion! When next I venture into orchid repotting (none too soon, I hope), I will have to add that to my essential repotting supplies!

Ki said...

Wow, your dendrobium bloomed twice! Ours only bloomed this year after two years of dormancy. We put it out in the yard last year when it was warm, under a tree and we attribute that treatment as producing the blooms. You must have ideal growing conditions.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi ki! I it is fight for! I really can't take any credit, just pure luck...the twice thing was a freak...and as such, it didn't bloom this January which it has with regularity (I'm greedy, I know...but I missed those blooms...January is such a barren month)

ladyluz said...

Loved touring round your blog with all the beautiful orchids, the Japanese garden at the Show, and Sissinghurst.

The collage of daffodils was inspirational.

Thanks for stopping by mine - glad you enjoyed the veggies.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi ladyluz! I'm so glad you found me! I hope you'll come back.

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