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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Garden Trips: Maymont Flower and Garden Show

Thursday, May 22 was the opening of the 2007 Maymont Flower and Garden Show. In past years, the weather has been problematic, but not this year. An early flower show, Maymont gets a jump start on the season and eager attendees from north and south of Richmond, Virginia, flock to the Richmond Convention Center.

IMG_2545 program and ticket

Upon entering, visitors were greeted with this display celebrating America's Anniverary and in particular reminding reminding Virginians of the America's Anniversary Garden program. While the latter is certainly not limited to Virginians, Virginia Cooperative Extension has publications on the website linked above for garden design, plant installation and maintenance to encourage a red, white and blue themed garden.

IMG_2430 Americas anniversary garden

To get right to it, here's the Best in Show garden:

IMG_2466 best in show

Inside this garden were these fountains, at opposite ends, connected by a length of water. Note the gorgeous Japanese Maple:

IMG_2468 gurgling fountain

At the other end, this fringe tree was in full glorious bloom:

IMG_2470 Fringe tree

I couldn't make up my mind if this was intentionally clever labeling or rather just necessity:

IMG_2467 magnolia leaf label

Here's another garden:

IMG_2465 another garden

This one was called Reflections of a Kyoto Garden:

IMG_2476 reflections of a Kyoto garden

IMG_2485 kyoto garden 2

Another oriental garden:

IMG_2491 oriental garden

Look what was up above:

IMG_2492 overhead dragon

Appropriately named American Rural Life:

IMG_2433  American Rural Life

We'll look around the show some more in the next post.

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