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Monday, February 12, 2007

Garden Reading: The Bookshelf

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You're looking at my garden books. Sort of. I mean, they're mostly on the shelves, but they're also by my bed, around this computer and a couple are on the counter, etc. You get it.

As you can tell, organization isn't my strength. I know I'm not alone. Some of you out there are nodding your heads. Good news! There's help out there for us. It's called Library Thing.

Here, you can have assistance with that organizing! You enter your books and presto, they're arranged and categorized for you. Plus, you can see who else has your book and get suggestions for others (just what we need, but hey, we like our garden books!).

I didn't discover this site. Like a lot of you, I look around at other blogs and I noticed some of you are already onto this idea. It's such a cool thing! I'm still learning about it and, well, I've only put a few of my books on there...but, I'm making progress. It will be terrific when I get them all on there. Just imagine....they'll be all neat and tidy, I'll actually be able to find one when I want it...and best of all, they won't fall off the shelves!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oooh... that's a great idea. I must check that out--I'm no more organized than you are. :)

Gotta Garden said...

We're just using our creative processes in other areas!

I dare not take picture of my desk area....I haven't found the DESK THING...but, if you do, please be sure and let me know!

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Thanks for sharing the site! I've already joined

Gotta Garden said...

Hi chris: You're welcome! ....and may your bookshelves not look like mine!

Carol said...

I've got my gardening books "organized" on LibraryThing, now I just need to organize them on my shelves! Over there, I am "Indygardener" if you want to see what books we have in common.

Gotta Garden said...

Hey carol: There is! I'm "gonegardening" there, but it's still a work in progress for me! Thanks for letting me know!

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