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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Garden Tips: Indoor Composting

Here's a picture of my copper compost container:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I keep it by the sink where it's easy to just toss in those veggie scraps, coffee grounds, banana peels (nice greens) and even the occasional toilet paper or paper towel roll (nice browns). As it fills, I take the contents and toss them into a small compost tumbler that I have downstairs by the deck. Scraps like those above and some leaves I raked in fall will give me great compost.

Just think. It's all stuff you would otherwise toss in the trash. My roses in the backyard which received this compost last spring (and will get some more this spring) never looked better! If you're curious, those light green bags are called biobags. They're made of cornstarch and break down also. They help to keep things a bit tidier.

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(I'm not ready for a worm bin just yet...but I'm thinking about it.)


Melanie Vassallo said...

LOL, love your composting thoughts. So far I just have the big heap in the back yard and I never remember to save the coffee grounds.

I think about that worm bin too but I've got a phobia when it comes to bugs. Not the best phobia for a gardener so I had my dad put worms in my girls hands when they were little so they wouldn't be afraid!

Going to go get my coffee grounds right now and put them outside!

Gotta Garden said...

Hey Melanie! Don't you like my "copper compost container" verbiage...I mean, pail is so plain!

Yeah, I'm not so good with bugs, but I'm trying.

I think the whole worm thing sounds neat except that I'd have to keep them in my basement and I tend to forget about things that are there...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I liked the idea of the brass compost bin, much tidier and easy to install in the kitchen. We often use plastic or wooden boxes. I know that plastic is a strict no- no but I would consider thinking about the brass bin.

Worms are definitely a good option too but I find them creepy frightening creatures.

I wonder if we get those bags in India???

Anyway, thanks for posting the blog. It was a good one!


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