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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Garden Trips: Maymont Flower and Garden Show (Part 2)

Picking up where we left off, here's a scene that we might expect from a flower show, but it's nonetheless very pretty and lovely to see this time of year:

IMG_2446 fountain

This picture holds more interest to me than you might expect. That's an 'Ann' Magnolia in bloom in front. Surrounding it (the evergreen shrubs) are Kleim's Hardy Gardenias (unfortunately, not in bloom. You may remember that I write about my Kleim's and Chuck Hayes gardenias because where I live, we are probably at the outer edge of their hardiness zone...about an hour an a half north of Richmond).

IMG_2458 ann magnolia with kleims

However, it was the sign accompanying the Kleim's Hardy that was noteworthy. Read carefully:

IMG_2448 kleims sign

Did you catch that?? "...white daily like flowers cover this shrub..." (emphasis mine). Now, I thought about this and I suppose it could mean two things, i.e., 1) that it has daily flowers (I do think they last longer than a day, however...or does it mean they will open daily?) or 2) daylily like flowers. You can probably guess where I'm going! I prefer the second explanation and I can only say: Woohoo, daylilies have come a long way to now have gardenias being compared to them!

I don't just look up when I'm at shows (laughing), I look down:

IMG_2459 looking down

Another nice scene:

IMG_2473 typical scene

Who doesn't like frogs?

IMG_2499 another sweet scene

These delphiniums were beautiful, especially since they are so difficult to grow in this area:

IMG_2506 delphiniums

Here was a garden filled with orchids (the other side was also, but the lighting was poor, so I was unable to capture it...sorry):

IMG_2482 orchid garden

Actual koi in the koi pond:

IMG_2512 koi

Obviously, not the real thing, but bright and cheery:

IMG_2505 mushrooms

Shopping galore:

IMG_2515 shopping

As I was leaving, I just had to have a picture of these pink tulips:

IMG_2522 pink tulips

Look what I found as I was taking the pictures (such colorful leaves!):

IMG_2521 Abelia grandiflora 'confetti'

It was a nice show, wasn't it? One last image, this of a building near the convention center (taken from my car if you can't tell)...:

IMG_2528  building


Mary said...

I, too, went to the Maymont Flower & Garden show -- I go every year. Are you from the Richmond area?

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Mary: No, I'm from Stafford...up the road a piece. I go to things north and south of me...and maybe east and west, if I can find! I think I left a comment on your blog when you did a post on Maymont?

Glad to see you!

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