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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow in the Garden

When I saw this picture, it gave me the idea that it would be neat to follow this same view through the seasons. I'll try to do that! (I just wish I had taken more views....)

IMG_2718 022507 redbud with azaleas

Here are pine trees covered in snow...they shook it off rather quickly and were free of the snow by the next day:

IMG_2722 pinetrees covered with snow

Poor unfortunate daylily seedlings that are wintering in their planting boxes...I guess we'll find out how tough they are:

IMG_2729 05  unplanted daylily seedlings on deck 022507

My magnolia grandiflora doesn't take the snow well. It has tended toward broken branches the past couple years...yes, there's one on the ground there (very attractive air conditioning unit, don't you think?):

IMG_2733 magnolia with broken branch

This clematis armandii can't be happy:

IMG_2736 clematis armandii in snow

Holly leaf osmanthus (I think it may be Osmanthus heterophyllus (aquifolium)...but I am not sure as it was simply labeled osmanthus...I digress to tell you that I considered it a "find" stuck among the azaleas offered for sale out in front of a now defunct grocery store some years ago....most people mistake it for holly, but it is some point, if I remember (lol) I'll do a post on osmanthus...anyway, given where it is, I hope it is not this one!)

Completely bowed by the snow, it is usually as tall as the fence:

IMG_2739 holly leaf osmanthus bowed by snow

And finally, the honeysuckle that is trying hard to sneak into my garden (from my neighbors' yard...where I would like it to stay....I enjoy its fragrance very much...but I would prefer it to live and to cover their yard):

IMG_2740 honeysuckle

These were all taken Sunday, February 25th (a day of great snow here in Virginia!) in my yard...


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lovely pictures and lots of snow. Hopefully all your plants and daylily seedlings will survive!

BTW beautifuuuuuuuul airco (not really!) :-D

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, yolanda elizabet...fingers crossed.


Marc said...

Those are great pictures. What a good idea to show the same tree in the different seasons! I think I will look through my snow pictures and find an area of my yard to take more photos of in the different seasons.

I'm looking forward to seeing your seasonal photos!

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, I hope you will, marc, as you have great pictures on your site...I can only imagine (and look forward to) what you might have/find!

Thanks! I'm glad you came over!

Annie in Austin said...

Looking at those bowed evergreens is giving me flashbacks to our ice storm! I hope everything comes back for you, Gotta Garden.

My Osmanthus are just Tea Olives, O. fragrans, not your holly form, but after reading about Osmanthus for years, it's quite thrilling to be able to grow them.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks,, too!

LOVE tea olives! Mine is hanging on, I think. It's in a more protected location than the holly leaf one which should have no hardiness issues. It's standing up today, but I think...when the snow finishes melting...that I will have to tie it back to the fence to get it all the way back up.

I was down in a nursery in Richmond (where they didn't get any snow, by the way) and there was a tea olive in full bloom right by the orchids! It was heavenly!

Hillside Garden said...

Lovely snow-photos, with the plant-sticks-


Gotta Garden said...

You're too kind, hillside garden...I can't wait for there to be real green...and less brown!

Thanks for stopping by!

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