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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bits and Pieces

When I left this morning, snow was on the ground. Here's Topolino, a tiny daffodil, in the snow:

By the time I returned this afternoon, most of the snow was gone:

Yes, that's crocus beside Topolino (it is tiny) and the soggy mess in front of it is a daylily.

If you wondered, they were concerned down at Lewis Ginter for some of their new plantings:

I didn't linger at Lewis Ginter today as I had walked around on Thursday evening. Bits of snow were falling, a tiny bit here, a tiny bit there. I doubt they'll really get any snow, but the temperature had definitely dropped since arriving. Besides, I had missions to do back at home!

This is oddly interesting. You're looking at a clump of Barrett Browning, a daffodil that is single flowered. Look right in the center of the picture. Isn't that wild! What have we here? Three buds coming out! I can't wait to see what's going on here! I have had this daffodil for years. Two years ago, I dug it up and divided the bulbs into two spots. It bloomed fine last year, although the color was a bit off, possibly due to the fertilizer I had used.

Don't you like smart flowers? These crocus are cold and not wasting energy!

As are these tulips:

February Gold was not and is not bothered by the weather:

We're scheduled to be quite cold tonight and tomorrow night. After that, we're looking good for the next eight days or so (as far as the weather report goes)! At least as far as freezing goes...
Thanks for the kind thoughts regarding my saucer magnolia. I'm sure it has helped! It is located south/southwest near the side of my house but also somewhat protected, I think, by my neighbor's house. Yes, it has had a spring where all the buds turned brown, but the last few years (knock on wood), it has seemed to manage spring a bit better. Even if it loses some buds to cold, it continues to put out new ones. It intermittently blooms for quite a while, actually. Really, when you consider its humble origins (a simple grocery store impulse purchase...bare root) and that it is not one of the later blooming saucer magnolias (which would have been wiser...but also more expensive), it does pretty well.

Here are a couple buds today which managed through yesterday's snow, ice and cold:

And finally, this hellebore has been going on since December!

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Salix Tree said...

What are those beauties? The pink flowers on the tree.. is that a magnolia? I didn't know they flowered so early in the year. The blooms are breathtaking! Do they have a scent? I imagine they would, as most cold weather flowers do have quite a lovely perfume.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi there! Yes, a saucer magnolia and you know, I, too, would think it fragrant...but, I'll have to go check! I was just reading an extension office's advice not to plant them where I have planted it can cause them to bloom too early! A few years too late...anyway, I'll get back on that. Thanks for the question!

Apple said...

I don't think I've ever seen crocuses and tulips bloom at the same time here. I'll have to look for an early tulip variety to try.

I've tried two saucer magnolias here. They say that the third times the charm so I'll give it one more try this year. Beautiful picture.

Gotta Garden said...

Hello Apple! So happy to see you! That is an especially early least this! I do have other tulips up, but not in bloom

Good luck with the saucer magnolia! I enjoy mine, although every year I always wonder if it will get zapped...



My apologies for the first three photos in this post...they keep least on my computer! I keep putting them back...

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