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Monday, March 19, 2007

Today's Finds: 03-19-07

Cold and sunny out today. Walking around this morning, spring is still on the cusp of breaking.

This clump of Sweetness continues to open new buds (all pictures clickable):

I hadn't noticed the grey edge to these crocus before:

A close up of Tete-a-Tete:

My Blue Roman Hyacinth is going to bloom soon. It's finally increased a bit (two bloom stalks!). Half of it seems to bloom way too early and gets hit, but fortunately, this part waits a little longer:

These iris reticulata have interesting petals:

A nice close up of Topolino:

And, finally, the tulips seem to be adding to their number daily:


Biby Cletus said...

wonderful picutre of theose varity Blue Roman Hyacinth. liked your garden like to visit more so be in touch

regards Biby - Blog

Gotta Garden said...

Hello Biby: Thank you! You're awfully nice to say that as I would much prefer a picture in, but that's not going to be today, unfortunately.

I hope you will...thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

Even more spring flowers ... I am really impressed by your collection. The tulips are incredible. I wasn't expecting them as I scrolled through your pics!

CountryGirl said...

Your photos are wonderful! It reminds me spring really is on it's way! I loved the garden tour too!

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, Kate! The tulips are early...hopefully, there will be others a bit later.

Hi Countrygirl! Thanks so much! Spring is coming...really!

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