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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Herbs: Basil (I Knew It!)

Last night I popped over to Outside and was enjoying her post about seed ordering/starting and her reference to Territorial Seed Company reminded me that just that day I had received a new catalog from them. To make this short story longer, I'm looking at this catalog and I spy Basil Pesto Perpetuo.

I just bought this! However, at Homestead Nursery, it was the only flat of basil not labeled. But, you know, I looked and looked at it and thought how much it reminded me of a basil I have at home (now going on five years or so, I think) that is non-blooming...although mine is solid green (who can resist variegation...not me). The way it was growing, the constant flush of new leaves versus flower buds (like virtually every other basil and even some other varieties there for sale) and well, just something said to me this is like my other basil!

I googled it and let's just say it's popping up everywhere, new for 2007. It's very pleasing to identify it...although I found one description saying it has a slight lemony taste (not to me). I find their taste (both) to be a bit sharper than regular basil, but I like it just fine! In winter, I can pluck basil leaves (quite a bit smaller than the lettuce leaf basils) from my window and toss them in my scrambled eggs, add to fresh spaghetti sauce and even salads...well, you know how to use basil. In my window, the basil is not nearly as happy as it would be outside in warm weather, but I trade its happiness for mine. Also, it roots very easily in water. I have shared it often. Already, I'm trying to root some more (I think I'd like a nice bushy pot)...of both varieties.


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(my 'old' solid green one; I know it looks a bit scraggly...I use it! And, I've just chopped some off to root.)

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The new Pesto Perpetuo!

Just a trying a little bit of connectedness, Idaho Gardener!


Melanie Vassallo said...

Mmmm, can't wait to get my hands on some of this seasons basil! My favorite is African Blue basil and I use it all through out my perennial border.

Of course I forgot to bring in a cutting so I have to wait for it to come to the local nurseries again.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi melanie! Yeah, can you believe it was already out?? (I guess for people like me who will buy even though there's no way it can go outside mid May here)

I did see African Blue Basil there (my sister also adores it) and I would have been tempted...but it was already going into bloom! I think I'll look for seeds for it...although I should probably check my drawer...I may already have some!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Basil, pesto, yes me love. I didn't know that basil roots so easily, thanks I'm going to give that a try. Love that new basil you've got. Very pretty. I have the ordinary green one and it lives on my kitchen windowsill for the moment. Half May it can go outside in my herb bed in the kitchen garden.

BTW I have a little kittiekat on show today, read all about it on Bliss. ;-)

Gotta Garden said...

Hi! Yes, I'll have to come over and have a look!

Can't do without the basil, can we? I just love that these don't bloom...and prior to finding this new one, I had not run across anyone even having the solid green one like mine (although I know they must...I didn't buy the only one...part of me does wonder if people didn't realize what they had and let frost kill it...but who knows...)

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