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Monday, March 19, 2007

More Today's Finds: 03-19-07

Even though it's still cold and windy, it's sunny and hard to stay inside! I should be inside because I am supposed to painting my bedroom and re-painting the hallway (it turned out a horrible color...sigh)....but, the outside calls:

Just look at these crocus opening wide to the sun! They were begging for their picture to be taken:

Some striped purple crocus...the stripes just look so bold today:

I almost missed these crocus, hidden under an azalea branch (note to self: trim that branch)...and open so wide, too:

It won't be long before these Hyacinths, King of the Blues (great name), are open:

I did it! I actually cut some daffs to bring inside...well, after all, these were lying on the ground:


Kate said...

'Tis a bouquet of much beauty ... I would love

I loved the crocus pictures too. The striped ones are adorable!

Okay ... at -12c I am totally envious of seeing your hyacinths almost ready to bloom!

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, Kate! I do feel for you. May spring come soon your way...hey, I just realized the calendar, at least, says two days!

Carol said...

Spring is coming tomorrow! Tomorrow! I don't have daffodils in bloom yet, but I have lots of buds, so it won't be too much longer. And your crocuses are little beauties, by the way.

rusty in miami said...

I hate painting and if I had choice rather be outside taking pictures of flowers. The crocus are beautiful.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Carol! Well, that will be nice...but isn't it the 21st?? What do I know! Here's to spring!And thanks!

Hey Rusty! Lol! I didn't get it done...and now I'm stuck for a while with this color that is bad! I'll have to take care of it at some point. I'm thinking from here on out, it will just be too easy to be distracted!

Ki said...

Wow, your purple crocus look fluorescent-very beautiful.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Ki: It was just some lucky light. Every now and then you catch things at the right time!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

GG, you are a brave woman! Just imagine the courage it took to cut your first dafs ever! :-) And they look good too in the vase.

BTW Even though it's cold your garden looks very spring-y. Such cute little red tulips!!!!

Gotta Garden said...

YE, Actually...if I may wasn't my very first time...I just have such a hard time cutting them! I'm better with peonies because I hate seeing the rain ruin them. But, back to daffs, this year....I'm thinking...surely I should be able to bring some in! So, this was a first step with the early ones. One day I might actually figure out how to arrange them!

I actually have a picture today of the tulips open...imagine that.

ericat said...

Thank you for visiting my garden. I enjoyed your photos they are lovely (you must have a good camera! sorry could not resist that old pun.) That crocus with the stripes is something else. I saw some lilies I did not know existed.. I have only wild lilies in my garden I will blog them from time to time but there are a few on my website my garden

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