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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

One of my very favorite places, Lewis Ginter Bontanical Garden is located in Richmond, Virginia (about an hour and a half south of me).

I'll be spending a bit of time there the next few weeks (I'll tell you all about it in another post) but thought you might enjoy some pictures (all pictures taken by me on March 3, 2007):

You knew there would have to be one of these (a very cool garden bench):

IMG_2878 butterfly bench

A few inside the conservatory, starting with this tulip garden:

IMG_2940 tulip garden

The only rat I'd like in my garden:

IMG_2939 the only rat

Clivia Miniata:

IMG_2953 clivia

Eucharis Lily:

IMG_2928 Eucharis lily small

We'll go outside (I'm saving all the orchid pictures for another time...hehehe) and have a look at these iris reticulata:

IMG_2966 iris reticulata

We'll look at a very more things in the next post.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I love that butterfly bench! How cool. :)

And I'm jealous of all of the life you're seeing in your garden already. I'd take the weeds over my leftover snow--they are green, at least!

Gotta Garden said...

They're yours! Lol! Done!

Today was pretty windy and cold. I think it is a reminder that spring in not here...much as I want it to be!

(I really do like benches!!)

Nice to see you!

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