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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

These daffodils just blew me away....

This is 'Cum Laude' from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden taken on Thursday, March 15, 2007. Here's a closer look:

Here's the best part. I went home determined to add this one to my garden (for next year) when a check of my spreadsheet revealed that I had added was planted last fall and so should bloom for me this year! That really made my day! Now, I won't have hundreds of blooms like the top photo, but I can hope for some like the one just above. Yippee!

These photos are clickable.

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A wildlife gardener said...

Fabulous daffodils, with a hint of peach, as are your tulips, crocuses and hellebores of the previuos blog. And I do love your sketch too. I do watercolours so I know the excitement of staring at the blank page, and then seeing the finished result. We have snow this morning too, but it's melting now.

Crafty Gardener ... said...

Happy Green Thumb Sunday. Those are beautiful daffodils and will be an asset to your garden.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi a wildlife gardener! Oh, you do watercolors!!! I wish! I can only just manage a! I hope this is the last of your snow! Thanks for coming over!

Hey crafty gardener! Thanks! I hope so!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely dafs they are and what fun you had them already popped in the ground last autumn. Something to look forward to! And we get to see the pics on your blog, right?

BTW What a lovely name for a garden centre: Merrifield!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi ye! Right! Lol!

It's where the original one is located, Merrifield, VA...but, yeah!

Kerri said...

I'm seriously envying you those gorgeous daffodils! What a nice surprise to find you'd already planted some!
You're way ahead of us. My snowdrops were about to bloom at the beginning of last week, but are again covered by snow. Won't be long now though (I hope!!)
Thanks for your stopping by and sharing my enthusiasm for the wildflowers. That's the reward for posting...someone to share the joy with :) Too bad you didn't dig up the azalea in time. Sad!
Your comment was a bright spot in my day :)
I've loved seeing all your blooms. The magnolia is especially beautiful!
Does the lily in your profil photo have a name? It looks exactly like my "Janice Brown", but so many look alike.

david santos said...

Very, very nice. Thank you
Good week

Gotta Garden said...

Hi kerri! I'm so glad you came by! We're having a particularly cold weekend, but this week ahead looks good. I hope your snow is/was the last of the season for you all.

The daylily is called Song in my Heart...It's very pretty (which I can say, right...I have nothing to do with that!), I think...and the name just seemed to be right, too! I was putting together a daylily collage...I have a few the photo just jumped out at me. I have a hard time "just picking one", so I took it as a sign.

Gotta Garden said...

Hello David! Thank you...and thanks for stopping by!

Jean said...

The daffodils are so beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

My blog is at
Would love to have you stop by

Carol said...

Those are gorgeous daffodils! I'm sure it will be a great day when you have a few of those beauties in your own garden. Will you cut them to enjoy inside as cut flowers? I know I would...

George Africa said...

Hello Gotta Garden;

Greetings from the Vermont Gardener where the temperature is a warm 21 degrees and the recent snow leaves us with +5 feet on the ground.

Daffodils by any name are a treasure. We plant then because when winter ends here, we need a boost. In recent years we planted a bushel or more a year which we purchased from wholesalers like Leo Berbee in Marysville, Ohio or Marlboro Bulb Farm down your way. Now we have thousands.

We usually purchase some mixed bushels and then some named varieties. Always wanted to buy more specialty types and then sponsor an event to raise money for autism programs.

We'll be moving our nursery about 4 miles down the road and we may just include some massive plantings and do the fund raiser thing. It would be a good way to teach what a great and easy to grow flower this is!

Glad you found our blog too. I notice your interest in hellebores. Barry Glick from Sunshine Farm, Renick, West Virginia is an authority on this plant. Try his website at Our site is and The Vermont Gardener turns soil and tales at

Best gardening wishes,

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Jean: Thanks! Thanks also for the link...I'm coming over!

Hey Carol: You know, I have the hardest time cutting flowers...but, I think this time that I will...just because sometimes weather causes damage or whatever...and you might as well enjoy them! Thanks for coming over!

Why hello there, George! Glad to see you! It's hard to beat masses of daffodils in the spring, don't you think? You just can't have enough!

Thanks for all the good info. I actually heard Barry Glick speak two weeks ago today...been meaning to write about it, just haven't...maybe you've given me the little push I! I have a couple of his I'm going to try...and possibly another that the nursery sold that day was grown on his farm as well. I am pretty crazy about them!

Annie in Austin said...

Gotta Garden, it's hilarious that you wanted to order what you've already planted. It also means that you can trust your own judgement, since you had the same reaction each time you saw this peachy daffodil:)

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gotta Garden said...

Annie, you are too kind! It's really I am used to it because I have caught myself getting ready to bid on a daylily, for instance, that I already have (hence, the spreadsheets)!

It's gotten where I keep lists and, I guess, need to carry lists!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ottawa Gardener said...

I echo the lovely daff comment. I planted far too many bulbs last fall so I waiting impatiently too.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi ottawa gardener! I hope it's not too much longer....imagine how wonderful it's going to be! It's only just beginning here...but I know one of these days things will really pop and from there on out...

Thanks for coming by!

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