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Monday, March 05, 2007

Garden Education: How to Draw Stuff

I'm working outside of my self imposed box. Last week, I began an art class entitled How to Draw Stuff, Sketching and Drawing What You See in the Garden. We've completed two classes so far (out of six) and I've been enjoying every minute. For years, I've wanted to learn to draw a bit and when this opportunity presented, I had to jump on it.

IMG_2859 Art class notebook 030207

It's part of Lewis Ginter's Education for Adults program which means there is the added bonus of being in and visiting the gardens with each class. If you don't belong to a local botanical garden (as local as I can's about an hour and a half drive for me), you're missing something. Not only do you get the privilege of visiting the garden whenever you want, you get discounts on classes and merchandise as well as reciprocal privileges at other botanical gardens. I used mine last year when I visited the Norfolk Botanic Garden. (See my posts.)

I might get brave enough at some point to show you what I've been doing. For now, though, I just want to encourage you to seek out new opportunities for growth. Spring is coming and we can all put out new shoots!


Wandering Avatar said...

Dear Gotta Garden,

Thanks for dropping by dreams and bones. I've enjoyed discovering your blog and I particularly enjoy this post about drawing things in the garden. Please DO post your attempts for us to see.

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, wandering avatar! My attempts are very amateur; however, it is amazingly satisfying to try, at least. Our instructor is into nature journaling which is a clever thing.

I had for so long wanted to capture things I would see, that maybe I couldn't with a camera...although digital brings it very close...but, really, I suppose, like doing needlework (during which my DH would remark, "Why do that? Machines can do it so much faster."), there is something fulfilling about using your hands and trying to create.

MrBrownThumb said...


You know what's a good book for learning how to draw? Drawing on the right side of the brain. I had that book years ago and it worked for me although now I've lost the skills pretty much.

It's older and probably out of print but see if your library has it.

Gotta Garden said...

Well hi, mrbrownthumb! What a delight to see you! I just LOVE your site!

You know the instructor showed us several recommended books (and continues to add) and several of us were surprised that that wasn't one. Someone even commented to her on it and I believe she said it was also a good one (as it is).

But, thank you, like Thomas Jefferson, "I cannot live without books."

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