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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today's Finds

What a difference a day makes! Cream Beauty Crocus bursting out:

IMG_2994 030307 cream beauty with leo's feet(I'll show you who those furry paws belong to a bit further down...keep lookng!)

First Lilac Beauty Crocus open:

IMG_2984 lilac beauty first open 030307

A peony (Bowl of Beauty, if you're wondering) that has overwintered in the pot ghetto is already popping up:

IMG_2999 bowl of beauty emerging 030307

And, finally, Leo Cat, also knows as gardencat....he loves the garden more than anything...too much actually, as you get a sample here...he's lying on some mini rose bushes (and yes, yes, yes, those are weeds next to the emerging tulips!):

IMG_3014 leo on rose bushes 030307


Ottawa Gardener said...

Lovely and in about 2 months, I will join you in happy spring land, right now buried in snow, but its heartwarming to see otherwise.

Carol said...

I love the picturs on all your posts. Here we are still waiting for that first truly warm day of spring!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Cute crocuses and gardenkittie Leo! The weeds are OK too, weeds are part of the normal garden. I have some too. :-)

It's great isn't it, to have some colour in the garden and to be _in_ the garden again.

BTW Bicycling is a very normal way of transportation in my country. Literally millions of fellow countrymen/women do it. A pity that not everybody can enjoy cycling!

ACey said...

how lovely to see a garden that's begun to bloom! Also love to see the happy cat. My garden-kitty is very sulky there is nowhere to roll yet.

Gotta Garden said...

Hang in there ottawa gardener!

Hi carol, it's coming...actually, it isn't all that warm here today...I'm grabbing a jacket when I go out!

Hello yolanda elizabet! I'm (shhhh) trying to condition everyone to seeing weeds in my garden...since I have so many, lol! In parts of the backyard, I will have to hunt for the garden under the weeds! I'm glad to hear you have some, too...although, I bet I win in that category!

Why that is great about bicycling! Think how healthy that is! I remember in parts of CA and WA where we have lived that there were great trails...but, not really here...we don't even have sidewalks in most parts. It really is a pity.

Welcome acey! Don't be deceived (laughing), there isn't much going on here...yet! Besides, I have to get at those weeds I was telling yolanda elizabet about!

Thanks y'all (very Southern!); I appreciate you coming by!

Naturegirl said...

Love your garden cat! I have 3 cats however only Paisley is allowed out w/ me!So pleased that you viewed my Florida images! I see that we are both listed on Garden Voices!:)NG

Gotta Garden said...

Hi naturegirl! I will look forward to seeing more of Florida! Thanks for coming by!

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