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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Garden Art: Final Class

Today was our last art class. I'm going to miss it. Maybe, just maybe we can convince the instructor to offer a second class! That would be great!

I'm going to take a chance here and show you what I did today (be kind!). This sketch was done sitting on the floor in the conservatory, so the perspective won't be quite the same as the photo I took. Sorry for the quality of the photo...I didn't pay it the attention I should have. I just wanted it in case I decide to work on the sketch at home or maybe add color. It's not done, my sketch...I spent only about 45 minutes on it and then we went back to the classroom.

Here goes:

And here's the photo:

These are clickable.

Back at the classroom, our instructor gave us some final notes and we talked about our drawings (very hard for me!). She then gave us little certificates for completing the course.

I'm very motivated! Colored pencils are now in my possession, so I'm going to give those a try...and I have the sketchbook my dd gave me (thank you, dd!) would be so wonderful to capture a few garden memories, wouldn't it?


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Great job--what a fun class that must have been!

Isn't it difficult to show your work and have it on view... much less have to talk about it, too? A group of my friends here get together for occasional "critiques." Even though we run the gamut from rank amateurs to professional artists and everyone is always very nice and encouraging, I get deathly afraid when it's my turn!

Gotta Garden said...

Oh..thanks! Silly me. Yes, it is. I think because it is so personal, showing a vulnerable part of yourself. I'm not really sure where I got the message that I couldn't draw...but somewhere. So, it is like pulling teeth to convince myself that maybe, just maybe, I can (anyone can be taught to draw).

There's some good literature on this that I mean to check into. And, the instructor was such a delight. Very encouraging to us. Also, I think our group kinda bonded, too...which was neat.

I'm pleased to hear about your group! Lucky you! Some time I'll hope you'll share something you're working on.

It's interesting to learn of gardeners who are also interested in some form. A favorite seed seller of mine recently told me he paints...It's like a whole new world opening!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi GG,

Not bad at all girl, you can draw allright! The picture you choose was not an easy one with all that reflection of light coming of the middle and right dafs. Hope you will find another art class and can continue having fun with drawing and perhaps even painting?

Gotta Garden said...

Well, you are just being nice...and I appreciate it! The light wasn't so intense from the! I wish...but feel I am a very long ways from even thinking about painting...although, I will confess that someday I truly would like to try.

Thanks, Yolanda Elizabet!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

The book "The Art of Travel" has a whole chapter on the value of sketching scenes, even if we do not draw all that well, the effort makes us see our subject better, and remember everything better. I have drawn flowers, and remember every details of those flowers, photographed flowers just don't bring back memories the same way. (I still take pictures though!)
LOVE YOUR BLOG...added it to my links and wrote about it today. My garden cat is pictured in yesterday's post.

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