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Monday, March 19, 2007

Washington Home and Garden Show

On Friday, March 9th, I made my way to the Washington Home and Garden Show. As I learned, operative word here is home. There really wasn't much at this show for an avid gardener. A new mattress, new gutters, okay...even a pond or waterfall installation, this was your show.

Of course, by now you must know that I will find something to bring home! In the so-called garden area, it was easy to pick out anything garden related (maybe one vendor per row) so the orchid booth stood out like a beacon. Actually, they had some neat orchids and if weren't for the fact that I would have to haul it on the metro, I would have bought more than one. Never fear, I got their business card and so if I'm up that way (Northern Virginia) at some point, I'll check out the store.

My real mission was to hear a couple speakers, one of which I learned had cancelled shortly before he was due to speak. The other, however, was there and someone familiar (now) to me.

In fact, I think she deserves her own post and that's coming up next!

In the meantime, what would a Home and Garden Show be without pictures. Here are the highlights (according to me):

These are kinda fun:

Yes, we have water features:

More fun and probably the most eye popping exhibit there:

A one-of-a-kind bench:

The ultimate dog house:

Shopping! Can you find the orchids?

My beauty (A Dendrobium, Nobile type Yellow Song 'Canary' ):

Pictures are clickable.


Kate said...

It looks as if this is a huge show ... couldn't spot the orchids in the second-to-last pic, but I have to say that your orchid is gorgeous. Wow, is all I can say!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Kate: Not really...just for grins, the orchids are right behind that big Invisible Fence both...I think I was spoiled as I had just been to the Philadelphia Flower Show on the Wed. before....well, it was a Flower Show vs. a Home & Garden and learn.

I'm probably a bit too hard on it...

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