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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today's Finds

At last (or it feels like that, at least), my first daffodil of the season (just beginning to open):

IMG_3320 first bloom of 07 31107

Last year, things got rolling a bit earlier. However, the daffodil pictured there has not even broken ground this year (yet). You just never know! I was looking at some of my drafts from last year (started but never finished...alas) and there was one I was working on about daffodils. It was about how some do not persevere like others. Must take another look at that this year.

I have been watching this clump, Fragrant Breeze, thinking it would be first, but no:

IMG_3323  031107 about to open

Pleasant surprises for today are:

IMG_3298 h Kathryn H 031107
Iris histrioides 'Katherine Hodgkin'

Coming very soon:

IMG_3294 emerging Harmony 031107
Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

The crocus are beginning to come on:

IMG_3293 ruby giant 031107
Ruby Giant

IMG_3302 unknown yellow crocus 031107
An unknown golden yellow

IMG_3328 031107 first Jeanne d'Arc
The first of the crocus vernus 'Jeanne d'Arc' making an attempt to bloom.

IMG_3306 Cream Beauty 031107
Cream Beauty still going strong...this clump at least. Found one clump totally dug up...sigh...squirrels or cats chasing squirrels or voles...the latter of which two made an appearance this morning...out in the open...time for some Shake Away.


IMG_3310 031107

That's all for today, I think...


My apologies for not writing more. My "stack" of tidbits is growing heavier as I still have the two lectures from the Philly show, Barry Glick on Hellebores, the Washington Home & Garden Show and Kathy Jentz's talk. I'll get to them (and even some things I have buried but might be timely like some more pics from Chelsea 06...since I have hundreds...)!

But, I do have a good excuse. After an extremely busy on-the-go week, my dh suggested Friday evening we get take out from a favorite restaurant. To my horror, I have had what I think is food poisoning and let me tell you, it is not fun. DH didn't get sick, fortunately; however, just today I am finally feeling well enough to get around a bit. I had to miss an art class yesterday, which was really upsetting...(I hate being sick!)

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